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About the Co-Founder & CEO

Jason Leibowitz

Jason has a uniquely deep track record in digital assets. Having started his career in traditional fixed income and global macro markets during the height of the financial crisis in 2009, he realized the opportunity that digitally scarce assets such as Bitcoin represented during the unprecedented period of global monetary expansion known as Quantitative Easing. 

An early investor into Bitcoin, Jason left his career on Wall Street to help start one of the first digital currency hedge funds, Sator Square Partners, in 2014. The fund was created as a solution to a problem at the time that there were no institutional investment vehicles to gain exposure to and extract alpha from the volatility of cryptocurrency markets. 

After Sator Square Partners, Jason was recruited by Credit Suisse's Blockchain Technology team to build out their global blockchain implementation strategy. He oversaw and managed many applications of blockchain at the bank throughout his nearly four year tenure. It was during this time he was also invited to be an advisor to two distinct financial market companies as a cryptocurrency and blockchain subject matter expert. 

It is now, in the midst of a global pandemic that cryptocurrency is finding its place in the modern portfolio as an alternative asset class. LeboBTC Ledger Group was created to help clients add this crucial missing piece to round out their portfolios.

Meet the Other Co-Founder

David Leibowitz

David Leibowitz, father of LLG Co-Founder and CEO, Jason, has a 39 year career on Wall Street. David started trading US Treasuries and Mortgage Backed Securities in 1981 at Merrill Lynch. Transitioning to Global Macro (a focus on global interest rates, foreign exchange, commodities, and equity indices) in 1991, David ran proprietary trading for two Canadian banks before heading to the buy-side at the turn of the century, as a founding partner at Balyasny Asset Management and later as a partner at Prologue Capital. 


The transition: in 2013, David’s interest and focus as a Macro trader turned to digital assets, specifically Bitcoin. Having traded through the 2008-2009 ‘Great Recession’, saddened and a bit angry with the "too big to fail" concept still present today, and the anathema of negative interest rates (part of Modern Monetary Theory, monetary policy today), the libertarian thoughts imbued in Bitcoin were a siren call. As a student of markets, Bitcoin (as an investment, not a trade) offered three distinct positives:


1. It was the essence of liquid scarcity value in an investment world where that place was occupied by gold, a non spendable, non transportable store of historical secure value. Although it wasn’t until perhaps 2017 that the phrase Gold 2.0 became used in the Bitcoin community, that was the vision.   


2. It offered the unbanked (some 2+ billion people on our planet) the ability to have their money on the Internet via their mobile devices (there are more mobile phones than people in this world), securely, and separate to the fiat currency of their nations, which in emerging market and developing world economies is either a positive or a big positive.  


3. In 2013, Bitcoin had yet to be introduced to the institutional investment communities of the world (the banking system), and although it was already understood that regulatory hurdles lay ahead, David felt that what seduced him about this unique investment would soon compel other like-minded, sophisticated investors. 

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